Layerframe Studios is a creative agency with an emphasis on cutting edge technologies and framing unique perspectives. Through our various permutations, we have managed design, development and strategy for some of the world's largest brands.

We currently service a handful of clients, focusing on UX, motion design and production. Our capabilities are wide-ranging, from full stack engineering to brand identity and beyond. We can and have done it all.

Here is a quick recap of how we got here!


Six years after her first job at Ultra16, and on the heels of three years heading up creative development at DS9, Eena Daou created Layerframe in Nov 2006 and set up shop at a small SoHo office on Prince St. in New York.

It was an exciting and transitional time in tech, right before the explosion of social media and the iPhone. Eena focused on getting new clients and working with old contacts in her new role as Creative Director.

Early clients included The Hartford. Walmart, and Nintendo, Monday Night Football and Narciso Rodriguez.


After a few years of gathering steam and moving the business to the East Village, Eena began the next chapter of Layerframe. With a new team and growing client roster, things were heating up. The big breakout project was launching Roc Nation official in 2012. This was the catalyst for several chapters over the coming years.

On the heels of Roc Nation, we met with Spotify in the fall of 2012 and began work with them the following Spring. Starting with the Pink Floyd catalog launch and the first ever Year in Review (now called Wrapped). At the same time we had started to manage several other clients including Nickelodeon, Made in America festival and Michael Kors.


Nearing the end of '16, Layerframe had become more of a remote WFH agency, with Eena running a Florida HQ and keeping a team in Brooklyn, while also working with team members from around the globe.

These years were packed with steady projects from ongoing Spotify headliners to yearly festival engagements, and of course the addition of The Game Awards as a major part of our client roster.

Then Covid hit. As the industry dramatically shifted, we were able to maintain a smooth transition and keep working all the through the pandemic, producing some of our best work to date.


Throughout '20 and '21, we embraced the wave of change in our industry and online, getting deep into Blockchain and NFTs. In addition to our client work, we invested in our own IP, kicking off production on several passion projects, like World Design Champ (our head-to-head design battle streaming show) and Gritty Cats (our pixel art NFT collection).
During this period, we also made the decision to take on fewer projects as our team and needs evolved. Turning our attention away from The Game Awards and Roc Nation was bittersweet, but necessary in order to focus on tightening our operations and planning for the future.


The last couple of years saw a new, nimble Layerframe with a focus on planning, learning and adapting. As anyone in the industry will tell you, 2023 was pivotal and transitional and required thoughtfulness and introspection.

We took steps to get ahead of the AI curve by learning the gamut of tools and integrating them into our workflow. This, coupled with our blockchain knowledge, positions us uniquely as a forward thinking creative partner. We embrace using AI heavily on this site and although the debate is on-going, we value mastering the technology as opposed to ignoring it.


If you've read this far, we appreciate you!

We're forever curious and dedicated to creating incredible and inspiring experiences, as well as helping our clients achieve their goals, no matter how challenging. We have successfully managed more projects than most can count, and we're still hungry.

Our plan is to heavily focus on the new age of design and motion, with an emphasis on AI and blockchain. It's still early days, but we are ready to tackle the wildest ideas.

What inspires you? Let's chat!