Soundtrack Your Ride

Spotify’s first travel oriented playlist generator. Using Google Maps API, the digital experience allows users to input their route, customize via a series of questions and get served their perfect ride playlist.

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Project Snapshot

Custom Algorithm & Quiz

The first of its kind, this experience of Soundtrack Your Ride allows Spotify users to sync their listening habits and flow through a quiz in order to generate a personalized playlist for their ride.

Visual Design & Branding

Our team worked with Spotify to create the overall creative direction, branding and design for this activation. This included UI/UX design as well as promotional cards for social media use.

Personalized Playlist Duration

Based on the starting location and destination that a user enters, the playlist generated will match the overall duration of the ride. The user also has the ability to add or remove time from the calculation.

Project Details


“...the whole procedure takes less than 60 seconds, you should definitely see what it picks for you.”